Alternative Paths?

I am amazed at the vitriol that was posted on social media sites following Angelina Jolie’s announcement about her positive BRCA diagnosis and consequent double mastectomy. The anger at “big pharma”, the absolute belief in alternative methods with little proof or follow up data, the conspiracy theorists, raw advocates, self-healers, cannabis ingesters, etc. were so vocal and dare I say narrow-minded in their path that little else penetrated.

I will say upfront, I think this test should be made available cheaply. I also think that while there are alternatives methods available, they should be used in conjunction with modern medicine not in lieu of. Bring on the diets, meditation, therapies and positive thoughts.


Bonnie has 9 cancers in her immediate family including herself (melanoma – one of the risk cancers for BRCA2). We are talking about probables and not possibles with her. If she does nothing surgically wise, she would need to have some sort of check, test or sample taken every 4 weeks for the rest of her life! And her risk percentages only increase as she gets older. So even if she goes the non-surgical or “alternative” route, she would still need to do all the body checks once a month.

She doesn’t want to have that angst in her life. I can’t blame her for that. We are looking to double check nay triple check the results, so we are sure this gene, wait it has a name… 6174delT is in fact deleterious (detrimental).

We continue with our learning as if it is. ~