Arming Ourselves

“The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

I’ve started thinking about this as a battle. I think this may be more of a “he said” perspective so bear with me on this. And I repeat as always, I am not a doctor so these are my opinions based on my life experience and it’s a path we choose to take personally.

This internal battle will continue with or without our acknowledgment or acceptance so for Bonnie and me we plan on diving in head first. The little mutant cells for Bonnie are the main “enemies” to be vanquished before they can even get started on their path of destruction. There is no Mr. Nice Guy here, nor the need for Queensberry Rules. I know, I know, all the metaphors are nauseating but this is the thing. We fight and win at all costs. Losing is not an option.

As I learn more about disease and how they get awakened, I realized that they have supporters. Lots of them. Some of them are even human! (Read about the war over food addiction). The most obvious enemies are mutant cells like Bonnie’s BRCA2. But there are others that are numerous and quite common and ignored for the most part. A vastly incomplete list includes fast food, acidic foods, coffee, sugar, omega-6 fats, chemicals & pollutants, estrogen, stress, sedentary life-style, smoking.

We have all heard the advice – “exercise more, eat less meat, eat more greens, stop smoking, don’t stress, sleep more.” Well what does that mean exactly? How does one reduce pollutants/chemicals? Where is the sugar, what are omega-6 fats and how do I avoid these life stealers?

I was going to do this all in 1 post but I don’t think that’s possible and wouldn’t do the issue any justice so I am doing it in 3. This post is to introduce the ideas and path, next I will talk about the “enemies” and how to defeat them and finally, discuss the “allies” and how to help them and where to find both. It won’t be as complete as I would like but will be a good starting point as Bonnie and I move forward on this journey.

So this is what we do and how we eat now. I decided to document this as this is our reality in real time as we face this threat to Bonnie. We both started on a healthier path a long time ago, before we knew each other. We both didn’t think about it as fighting an enemy or not triggering bad cells but that is essentially what we now have come to understand. Neither of us eat meat or chicken or farmed fish. We don’t do cow’s dairy for the most part but do goat’s milk products, like goat Kefir (more about that in the “allies” post). We discovered by chance we were both intolerant to gluten (but that’s another story). We have been drinking filtered water (get it from reverse osmosis vending machines) since the mid 90’s. We drink tea (mostly green now), not coffee. We eat organic most of the time. Since the positive results for BRCA2, we’ve adjusted our already quite healthy lifestyle even further. We’re learning about enzymes, PH levels and acid foods.

We knew about the free radicals (enemy) that are like crazy party cells that move around the body creating havoc and realized we needed to produce more antioxidents (allies) to counter them. We severely limit the processed foods we eat. We eat more greens (if that was possible) and the juicer I bought 20 years ago is working harder than ever. We bought a Vitamix recently with some gift cards from our wedding. Made some almond butter from raw almonds this morning! Took only 10 minutes, too.

Bottom line is that besides mutant cells and dangerous diseases, there are so many things that leach the very life from us. Taking minutes here, days there. These quickly add up to months and years. Life is so very precious and having a long one with good quality is the goal. I want to delay knowing if there is a hereafter for as long as possible.

So we’re gathering our tools and supporting our soldiers. We are not health fanatics in my eyes. We are just being informed about what actually goes on in our bodies, how disease starts and how we combat that. An awesome book to read is called Anticancer, others are the Crazy Sexy Wellness Series, as well as Super Foods RX. These are knowledgeable tools that we recommend and they have helped us a lot.

There are too many agendas in the food industry. Too many snake oil salesmen that use smoke and mirrors to hide what they are really selling. Sugar and fat for the most part. Also, too many additives that are deadly over the long term. For me it’s always been quite simple – eat as fresh and as natural as possible. You are what you eat and breathe has become my mantra. Don’t get me wrong because Bonnie and I are foodies who enjoy well designed tasty dishes from very talented chefs as often as we can afford. We only deviate from our chosen diet occasionally, as a treat. Desert here, pasta there. Another must for me is to read the food label for everything I consume. We are so lucky here in the US that ingredient labels are law on packaged goods.

So the tools are out there to being a better informed eater. We can enjoy sumptuous meals that are healthy and tasty without poisoning our bodies.

My next post will be about the “enemies” in our food and environment. ~