Take Care of Yourself

Since our last post, we were able to take a short break from the BRCA journey, work and life in LA and spend some time in Northern California. Thanks to a friend who was out of the country over the Fourth of July holiday and gifted us her apartment known as “Sky Temple”, we stayed up in the hills above Sausalito.

Each morning, we faced stunning 180˚ views, we took gorgeous beach hikes behind the Golden Gate Bridge, hikes in the Headlands, and a journey to West Marin visiting towns like Point Reyes and Inverness. We drove through the country where gigantic redwoods loom. We saw glorious displays of fireworks in at least nine locals across the water. We celebrated my mother’s life, lost to cancer on July 5th four years ago. We collected driftwood. We ate at a friend’s new restaurant. We even went dancing on a Sunday afternoon. We saw friends, clients, and family. A much needed respite.

I–we, needed to ground ourselves in some present healthy moments to make mental and physical space for what was coming next.

It’s not unusual for any of us to neglect to take care of ourselves. We manage our busy lives. We help others through challenges–illness, job changes, relationship changes. We work, work out, make plans, make meals. We sometimes forget to put ourselves if not number one, even a healthy number two. We think we’re rising above and adapting to life just fine. But one day, you awake and you realize time has flown by and perhaps you lost yourself in it. Sometimes, that’s a sign that you’re living life to the fullest. At other times, it’s a reminder that it’s time to reset.

It’s a shame that it often takes a big event for us to refocus. But when it happens, we see with new awareness and we wake up just a bit more. Taking time away from a big event usually helps us to see it more clearly.  And ultimately, recognizing that in life change happens, we come to understand that being awake for what’s happening just around the next bend is part of life’s sweetness. Even if it comes with disappointments and obstacles because there may also be immense joys and wondrous adventures.

So, go take care. Of yourself.