A Magical Band of Allies

I’ve been listening to a mediation for surgery with visualizations and affirmations for the past week. It’s become my teddy bear. And I’ve come to look forward to Belleruth Naparstek’s soothing voice. She flows me into the operating room with ease, with confidence that I’m in capable hands and that my “magical band of allies” will be watching over me. The tender loving eyes of my family and the smiles and chatter of friends, new and old, shine through.

I’m so grateful to have a loving community, a magical band of allies, to give me comfort and a sense of strength as I embark on this journey of risk reducing surgeries. It’s never been easy for me to receive from others but as I grow older and wiser, I realize that being stoic isn’t always the most caring-of-self way to be. So I have opened my arms to this growing magical band of allies… and I thank you all. For giving of your words and energy and love to me and Jeff.

I take you with me into the operating room today. While my surgeon performs his magic, ridding my body of the unwanted cells, and the anesthesiologist fills me with the life energy to make this all possible.

Love to you all. ~ Bonnie